About Us

Bronte Bay is a boutique accounting, tax and business advisory firm based in Toronto, Ontario, serving clients all over Canada, providing personalized remote accounting and virtual CFO services.

Why Our Clients Continue To Trust Us?

Bronte Bay offers tailored accounting, tax and business consulting to companies of all sizes. Our team of professional accountants will work one-on-one with you so that your company receives the attention it deserves.
Unlike traditional accounting firms, we always look for solutions to help our clients get the most out of their money. By combining our experience and the latest technology such as AI and Machine Learning, we are able to optimize the efficiency and management of your business. We work hard to gain your trust and ensuring a positive client-accountant relationship.

Our Founder

Subhash Sharma


Senior Management Accountant with over 38 years experience in small business. Independent boutique accounting practice in Toronto since 2007. Previously worked in Vancouver, Dubai, New Delhi and Mumbai. Extensively traveled in many parts of the world. Excellent experience in imports, exports, trading, IT consulting, retail, recruitment, jewellery, pharmacy and food business.

Our Team

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