How to get more customers than you can handle?

Short answer is under promise and over deliver.

Long answer
Most business people and entrepreneurs go the extra mile in making big claims about their product or service. And usually this results in getting few customers but it also sets the customer expectations very high. If you can deliver on those promises it is great but if you fall a little short you end up having unhappy customers. And one unhappy customer tells his bad experience to at least 10 potential customers.

Promise less and deliver more and you have happy and excited customers. These happy customers will refer your business to their friends. You can also ask for testimonials from your satisfied customers which you can use in your marketing material. And you will be surprised that it does not even cost you a whole lot more.

Here are few examples of under promise over deliver UPOD:

1. Deliver earlier than promised
In our services business we promise minimum 1 week turnaround. However we strive to deliver in 4 days. Just by calling the client one day before the promised delivery date, the customer feels happy and satisfied with service.

2. Deliver more than you are paid for
If you deliver what you are paid for e.g if customer pays you $100 and you give him $100 worth of merchandise, this is just exchange of goods for money. There is no value add for the customer. So make sure to deliver at least $105 worth of merchandise or service for $100 payment. If you do that and show to the customer the $5 value add you have given, it will go a long way in establishing friendly and satisfied customers for life.

3. Constant contact
After the product or service is delivered follow up with the customer to find out if everything is OK and if you could do anything more to help the client. Keep in contact with the customer on regular basis to find out if you can help him in any way and you will have a regular customer for life.

4. Up serve your competition
Days of sell, sell and up-sell are over. These days customers are much more aware and competitive data is on their fingertips or lets say on their smart devices. In today’s competitive environment the only way to win the competition is to up serve. Always keep thinking what more you can do for the customer and what more value you can provide compared to your competition. The key here is more, and customers can see the value preposition very easily.

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