I, me and myself

Sounds very selfish but hold on!

You can blame the weather, the economy. your spouse, your family, your friends or rest of the world. But it does not matter and it certainly does not help. I used to say I wish I have a mentor or a god father who can help me succeed in business. However I came to realize that I am responsible for my action and also my inaction. If I take action no one can stop me and on the other hand if I am scared to act no one can help me.

World is full of opportunities but it is Me who has to go out and make things happen. Only person who can help me is Me and I am the only one who has to challenge the assumptions including my own.

I have to take 100% responsibility for success in all relationships, be it my spouse, my family, my employees or my clients. If something is not working the only person I can blame is myself. In every situation



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