Ivy Zhu


It is said that filling needs as well as problem solving are two objectives of life, I agree. They are two sides of a coin, deriving from opposite positions, exactly as recruiter and job seeker. So, I can initially offer what I have gained from comprehensive experience to solve your problems.

Literally I will put a quick-learner-tag on myself in the first place, when it comes to that I have to mention that in my previous company when I worked as an internal auditor, I have only got two weeks handover time before my predecessor leaving office. It’s really hard for me since I had no hands-on experience in audit at all, what I know was only knowledge from books. However, I successfully completed tasks involved at the year end. In my third year, around $30k was saved for the department because of my contribution.

Aside from auditing, I am also a detail-oriented accountant, specialized in general accounting field. By solving problems from both accounting and auditing points of view, I perform my duties in a more normative and less risky way.

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