What does the customer really want? and how easy it is to provide?

With all due respect, the marketers make it looks like a complicated process using various well tested tools like sales funnel, customer analysis, customer value, closing techniques etc. However when it comes to a touch point where a real customer wants to interact with the organization, everything falls apart.

Yesterday, I had an opportunity to be on a teleconference where a very well known authority on public speaking had invited few other well known speakers to talk about how to become a well paid speaker.

Great speakers and excellent content. Only problem; during the call I went to his Linkedin profile, saw his email address and sent a request to be connected. Here is what I got as a auto responder: “Thanks for emailing me. Due to the hundreds of emails I receive daily, I’m sorry I cannot personally respond. A member of my staff will read your email and respond if necessary.”

Imagine; you have spent thousands of dollars and countless hours and have done a good job in attraction marketing and a potential customer responds and you have only one chance for making that awesome first impression. But you lost that chance by using unprofessional language in an auto responder and lost that customer for life.

1. Customer wants your help in solving a problem and need your attention and if you are using auto responders, promise that you will respond asap and make sure you provide that attention within maximum 24 hours

2. Customer wants to be respected; it is the most basic human need. So do whatever it takes to give that respect; just give it, it is free, it does not cost you any time or money or resources

3. Customer wants to feel important and there is nothing wrong with that. Imagine yourself in customer’s shoes; how would you like the people to treat you? Make him or her feel as the most important person in the universe.

4. Make sure you have procedures and processes in place which build a culture of respect so customer can feel important, respected and cared for at all touch points while dealing with your organization. Because; no matter how much successful you are, it is ultimately the customer who pays your bills.


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