Find the money you didn’t know you have in your business with our full-service boutique accounting and expert advice

Taking care of the financials is one of the most overlooked yet essential parts of running a successful enterprise. Let our team of experts help you avoid the biggest pitfalls and show you how to keep your capital in your company working for you

We will make a difference in your business

Running a business is hard. There are so many areas that need your immediate attention. It is easy to put aside your accounting until you receive that notice from the Government that you have not submitted your documentation and they want it immediately. Then you are scrambling to get it done quickly and costly mistakes can happen.

We take care of the financial side of your business seriously. We understand that trying to keep up is almost impossible especially when you are in start-up or early stages of business. You don’t have the time to put the needed systems in place nor the staff to keep it up. You are juggling too many balls and ultimately some of them will drop.

That doesn’t need to happen. Let my team of dedicated accounting and tax professionals help. I am Subhash Sharma, and for over sixteen years, my team and I have helped our clients to run successful companies and focus on key growth factors while we take care of their books.

Our belief in honesty, integrity and commitment to excellence has allowed us to develop strong, long-term relationships with our clients. Years of small business experience, advanced training and continued professional learning and development combined with state-of-the-art computed technologies allow us to deliver the best value possible.


Every business is different and that is why we customize a program specifically for your business. Not only do we keep your books up-to-date and accurate, we provide regular business insights so you understand where your business is at, so you can make informed decisions. No business is too small, and everyone is treated with the utmost respect and care.

Taxes and Compliance

No one likes having to deal with the government especially when you owe them money or are late submitting reports. Let us help you with that sticky situation. We are proactive and keep an eye on your business cycles and design the best strategies to optimize your tax situation. We are always up to date on tax laws and know how to use them to your advantage.


Most small businesses could use the advice of a CFO (Chief Financial Officer) but who can afford one? Now YOU CAN with our Strategic Business Advice Program which allows you access to a top-level business advisor, who will help you navigate as you grow your business.


Times are changing and the speed of change is accelerating. How you do your accounting is changing too. New technologies are being implemented everyday that make bookkeeping and accounting simpler, faster and more accurate. Let us show you how you can save hours of your time each month that you can spend on other parts of your business with real time cloud-based systems.

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Try us risk-free for one full month. At the end of the month if you are not fully satisfied for whatever reason we will refund all the fees you might have paid.

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