The one-stop shop to set up, scale, and optimize your business

Kedden is the place to find everything you need to start and grow your business, all under one roof. We partner with Kedden Business Services to provide various business services a business owner needs. Partner with a dedicated Success Manager to steer your company to success, no matter what stage you’re at.

With our unique tri-factor approach combining experience, knowledge, and the latest technology, Kedden helps your business thrive. Our services include:

Accounting and Taxes

We help you find the best tools to optimize your accounting practices, so you can make more informed financial decisions.

Digital Marketing

Find your audience, communicate your story, and create impact to bring home customers. We combine good data with your brand story to turn prospects into customers and create value.

Corporate Services

Staying compliant with government obligations has never been easier. We’ll help you make business changes easily and ensure you’re following the rules.

Business Plans

We’ll help you turn your big idea into a rock-solid business plan that will help you gain funding and get off the ground.

Pricing Strategy

Get an in-depth analysis of your pricing structure so you stand out from your competitors and maintain healthy profits.


Take your business to the next level without missing a beat. We’ll provide the strategic planning necessary for opening more locations.

Human Resources

Expertly managing your most valuable resource is vital to your success. Our experts are CHRP certified to ensure the best for your employees.

Government Grants

There are resources out there to help you jumpstart your business, but navigating the process takes time you may not have. We’ll guide you from application to approval.


Our Chartered Business Valuators (CBVs) use several tried and tested models to evaluate your business’s economic value.

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