Weekly Digest – 23 November 2022

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Is the housing correction finally here?

Home sales rose 1.3 per cent in October, the first rise since February. Some analysts are wondering if this is the first sign that the Canadian real estate market has finally adjusted to the higher cost of borrowing.

How climate change will affect the economy

A new report from the Parliamentary Budget Officer is warning that climate change could cost the Canadian economy billions of dollars over the coming decades.

Shipping a package will be more costly this holiday season

Canada Post and other couriers are raising their prices to cover increased fuel costs. Price increases are about 40 per cent higher than they were two months ago across carriers.

Elizabeth Holmes sentenced to over 11 years in prison

Theranos founder and former CEO Elizabeth Holmes was sentenced to 11.25 years in federal prison last week after being convicted of fraud in January.

How upcoming market conditions might affect your job

Talk of recession is everywhere – high-interest rates, mass layoffs, rising inflation. Learn how the changing conditions could affect your job and how to protect yourself here.

Money tips for millennials to make themselves recession proof

Insider rounded up four things millennials with full-time jobs should do during these tough economic times. Learn what they are here.

Coinbase and Bitcoin slide

Following the spectacular fallout of FTX earlier this month, various cryptocurrencies are losing value across the board.

Bob Iger returns to steer Disney through tough economic times in surprise announcement

The former CEO has agreed to serve another two years for the company effective immediately. Disney highlighted a fivefold market value increase under his leadership, adding that he had a “mandate from the board to set the strategic direction for renewed growth.”

Is Twitter over?

BBC tech editor Zoe Kleinman presents some ideas for where the social media giant is headed and provides an overview of the rocky road the company’s been on since Elon Musk’s takeover.

Your guide to co-worker gifts

We’ve all been there – you’re part of a holiday office gift swap and you’ve drawn the name of someone you barely know. Canadian Business has rounded up a handy list of great gifts under $40 made by Canadian businesses.

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