Cloud Accounting: A Key Factor in Driving Business Growth

It involves systematic strategy and knowledge of the present market to identify opportunities and fend off challenges when a business expands. It has become harder to keep businesses operating in their old ways as the world struggles to recover from the pandemic.

Healthy back-office practices can make your company appear better to outsiders, including present and potential customers; in the same way, a healthy diet can make someone seem more appealing on the outside. So, if you’ve been putting off switching to cloud accounting via a cloud accounting firm, here are some ways how the right accounting firm can boost the worth of your company.


  1. Cost management

Most people consider increasing the bottom line when we discuss expense control. While unquestionably crucial, it’s also about improving the organization. Any business’s back office must include a well-designed accounting function.

Each company has a limited supply of resources. The accounting records of your business contain information that may be used to make decisions about everything from optimizing operations to meeting client requests and gauging results.

  1. Financial Management

Are you managing your company amid a crisis? Is filing taxes an afterthought? Have you used spreadsheets or a paper ledger instead of accounting software? Customers notice the hurried collection calls and tax planning inquiries from auditors. They become aware when their requests are not being addressed and your company is suffering due to not having reliable accounting services on your side.

All of these are indicators of poor financial management and turns off the customers. They might even persuade your clients to do business elsewhere. Positivity is easier to convey to your team, clients, and consumers if your finances are stable. It’s a terrific tool to have a cash flow management system that enables you to manage income and expenses responsibly.

We can help you create financial statements and income tax preparation. We can also help you with cash flow management like automated invoicing and automated payments.


  1. Enhanced Safety

Spreadsheet-based businesses that keep all their customer and accounting records on a desktop or laptop risk losing their financial information. A harmful virus is only a single email attachment, or website click away from infecting you. Your company could be destroyed within minutes by a stolen or damaged computer.

What occurs to your local system is only a blip on the radar if your company’s data is saved in cloud-based software. Use another computer to access the application if yours is stolen or infected with a virus. In other words, you will always be available to your clients when you are dealing with the right accounting firm.


  1. Fraud Avoidance

When you grasp your business accounting, you’re carefully examining the money coming in and going out of your firm by comparing transactions that appear in your bank account to the checks written by your company, comparing actual spending to the budget, and other similar activities. This oversight will make it easier for you to find any inconsistencies brought on by waste, fraud, or carelessness.

No matter how small your company is, fraud may significantly influence it. Consider the possibility of your employees being exposed as dishonest in the media. You might need to invest more time and money in monitoring the effects and ensuring that your customers still trust your company.


  1. Investments in Efficiency and Quality

Accurate accounting helps business owners in thinking through the effects of decisions on essential investments.

Your business’s processes might be significantly impacted by new software or equipment. Could it make the work more efficient and less stressful for employees? Could it impress the customers by speeding up the processes or offering better-quality goods or services?

Without current financial information, it can be challenging to determine whether such investments are appropriate, if you can afford to make them and how they will affect your cash flow. You can better take advantage of such investments when a chance arises if you have timely accounting information – making the need for a cloud accounting firm imperative.

  1. Improved Marketing

You can anticipate sales more accurately for your business when your accounting is accurate and up to date. Forecasts of revenue can be used for more than just planning and budgeting. They can also be utilized to determine whether your existing marketing initiatives are successful or falling short.

Particularly during a business’s early stages of development, marketing costs frequently spiral out of control. How can you know if you can afford to start a new campaign without timely and helpful information on income, expenses, and cash flow? When should a launch occur? Are you getting the expected outcomes from your campaign? How do discounts and pricing impact sales? These questions are challenging to respond to without solid financial facts.


  1. Financial stability

To set and manage corporate budgets, your company needs accurate accounting. This will help you understand when and how money enters and leaves your organization. Additionally, it can aid in planning sufficient cash reserves to get you through a cash crunch.

A business without a budget is comparable to a ship at sea without a captain; you never know when you could run aground or hit an iceberg. What connection exists between budgeting and your clients?

When money is limited, you usually need to make some expense reductions. It’s possible that you need to fire staff members who have developed relationships with customers or provide clients with more self-service.

While it is occasionally possible to reduce expenses while preserving or improving quality, but cost-cutting strategies can harm customer satisfaction and loyalty. They can even indicate that your company is having trouble surviving. Customers won’t want to board a sinking ship, so keep your financial records precise, manage your spending, and maintain consistency in the customer experience.


  1. Finding and Keeping Workers happy

Accounting involves more than debits and credits. It’s essential for human resources. You can decide when to hire more workers with access to objective financial data. It might spell the difference between a successful year and a losing one.

You can better decide how to expand your company by knowing the specific costs associated with salaries, wages, payroll taxes, employee benefits, and other incentives.

Once you’ve chosen the best candidates, it’s time to keep them engaged. Beginning with happy and content staff, happy customers follow. So, what motivates workers?

Your company may plan and calculate salaries, vacation policies, sick leave, paid time off, medical benefits, and other employment-related expenses with accurate accounting.


  1. To Keep up Relationships

Any small business’ success is greatly influenced by its relationships with its suppliers, clients, and staff. When employees wonder why you aren’t paying them on time, customers inquire why the service they purchased hasn’t been provided, and vendors ask why a bill hasn’t been paid. You can receive information, get answers to your inquiries, and keep those relationships by using a service like a cloud accounting.

Many business owners focus heavily on attracting new clients using strategies like a free initial consultation or a strategically placed loss leader while neglecting to maintain a high client retention rate.

Every business is expected to provide high-quality service, but what else are you doing to keep clients happy? You are the starting point for many things, including how well-run business is, if a human touch is there, how employees are treated, how frequently payroll is missed, and whether the tax authorities are knocking on your door to discuss past taxes.


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Questions you should ask before signing up for a cloud accounting firm

What is the most crucial inquiry a company must make before selecting an accounting firm?

The easiest way to determine whether an accounting firm or CPA is a good fit for your personality, industry, niche, and budget is to ask them the following key questions.

When choosing an accountant, the following inquiries should be added to your due diligence checklist –


Technologies they use

These days everybody wants to hire an cloud accounting firm and requires least amount of paperwork. Make sure that the accounting firm you use has good knowledge of technologies like Xero, HubDoc, Plooto, WagePoint, Client Portal, etc. Find a CPA who uses cloud-based software and is tech savvy if you prefer a more remote relationship with less paperwork to manage.


Security of the data

The security of your data matters the most to your company. Make sure you choose an online accounting firm with a priority to data security. Never hesitate to put this question in front of your accounting firm. Also, ask them what technologies they use to provide you with the utmost security regarding some confidential data.


How do they share documents?

One more important question you need to ask your accounting firm before signing up with them is – how they share documents. Sharing documents remains crucial for your company, especially when sharing all confidential information or documents. Make sure they use safer and more secure ways to share the documents.



You established your company to satisfy your customers’ needs, create a positive workplace, and pursue your passions. The several hours spent on bookkeeping and accounting are probably not included.

The good news is that precise accounting doesn’t have to consume much of your time. An ever-expanding range of organizing tools and technology may make tracking invoices, bills, and receipts less hassle, giving you more time to focus on your business rather than in it.


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